Trip:Earth:USA:Chicago to Seattle:Journal: Part 3

Day 3:

The stop in Spokane was way larger than expected but that’s hindsight. At one point people were just gone off the station platform so I hustled back inside, not realizing that we still had probably another 20 minutes or so. Eventually I fell asleep to wake up first around 5 then later around 7. A three egg omelet with swiss cheese, heavily salted potatoes and a croissant greeted me for breakfast. A nursing student from Canada sat opposite. I wish I had paid attention sooner as I saw her counting her money in her bank paper money holder when the attendant asked if she wanted toast. It didn’t immediately occur to me that maybe she was considering the cost of toast. During our talk she said she is a nursing student in Canada headed back to Victoria. I picked up her tab in hindsight. Apparently, and thankfully, I was not the only one to pick up a tab for her on her trip. She traveled down into the States and then takes the train to Seattle and then up to Victoria. Unfortunately someone put in my head the notion that maybe she knows how to play people and used me but it was my choice last minute. I’ll try and hopefully forget that idea, I who am usually cynical. The journey continues to Seattle, snow everywhere. Saw a deer, no picture but the one in my mind. Beautiful vista after beautiful vista. I think that sums up Washington State nature. Beautiful bald eagle too. I tried to get a picture but don’t see it in my photos as we were moving too fast.

One sucky thing. I was doing a GPS track recording of the trip and about 30 minutes from Seattle in Edmonds, WA, the program crashed. It must have been so excited to be almost done that it lost it.

Thankfully it appears that it may be saved but I still have to check it out.

After the train, a quick cab ride to the Hyatt Olive 8. Not a bad room or view. A walk down to Pike’s market. Obligatory picture of the original starbucks and watched the fish throwing. The mountains in the distance as usual are beautiful especially snow capped as they are. Now that it’s afternoon, the choices dwindle for touristy things. Off to the ferry for a trip to Bainbridge Island. A 35 minute hop skip and jump. Some touristy walking around before coming back.

Nice ferry ride. Windy up front and nice with the sun out. A collection of tourists, commuters and people in cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. Took a short stroll on the waterfront. Stopped by a recommended place, Cafe Nola. I thought it was for coffee but looks like a good place. I immediately saw the truffle cheese fries. Listed as potato frites with asiago cheese and lemon aioli. Yummy! When deciding about the drink someone walking by suggested the margarita and too right! It’s housemade but not with a mix. So subtle and divine. Light and refreshing. Even the salt tastes good. But then, salt is a food group even as I try to use less. The fries in truffle oil taste good by themselves but the addition of the asiago cheese and the lemon aioli enhances the flavor. A light and appropriately underwhelming lemon flavor makes me savor each bite and beckons me to take another for want of the taste on my palate again. Went to Mora after for desert. It was ok. Got the molten cake with mint ice cream. They are supposed to be ranked high nationally for their ice cream. It was ice cream. Nothing that tripped my palate. Just too rich and decadent.

I had hoped to stop by a fudge place after Mora but unfortunately it was closed. Bainbridge overall was a nice quiet, quaint town, and while I couldn’t find a ticket booth for the ride back it ended up that it’s free back to Seattle. Back in Seattle mainland a hike ensued to the capital district to see what the night life is. It started eventful as my feet were tired and sore. Many restaurants were closed. It seemed bars pubs and a handful of coffee shops remained open to peddle their wares to customers. Some of the places looked great but the barking of my feet claimed the victor and back to the hotel after a quick detour in the wrong direction. Not because I was lost, I wanted to do go uphill away from the hotel. Truly!  Some medicinal xtabentum and a very nice and warm/hot shower and my head and body feel weary. The feet are still pounding, wanting to be placed upon the bed for their own rest. Such a short time left in Seattle. Maybe the space needle and the glass museum tomorrow after a stunningly good breakfast with hopefully mind blowing coffee. Maybe one day I’ll start liking coffee.


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