Trip:Earth:USA:Chicago to Seattle:Journal: Part 4

Day 4:

A nicer weather day than yesterday. Being out and about I feel more inclined not to go on an international trip soon but instead hop on the motorcycle and explore. A direction only without any destination, just a timeline for a self imposed perception of responsibility of going back to work. I hope to switch to my new site before these entries are done. All the more likely as I’m slower than molasses getting things written up. Maybe with the new site, pictures and videos will be easier to include in my writings. I’m also feeling more determined to write something of substance. I’m not sure what the feeling is. Maybe something lasting. The notion that something I put onto media might endure and influence another or others now and in the future. Like passing on children and their descendants, but this would be solely my own, not the product of someone else. On the way to the glass museum, a dangerous combination for a camera and pretty things to take pictures of.

Ran across someone reading a Bradbury title I hadn’t seen before, The October Country. It’s a selection of short stories. I will have to find it and give it a read.

The Chihuly museum is incredible. The pictures speak for themselves. In the gift shop I’m loving the lithograph of the Blues Duet. Expensive but beautiful. They will see if there other lithographs of cleaner lines and will let me know by email and pictures. Maybe I’ll like something. Maybe I won’t.

After the museum, a stop at Belltown Pizza. Good size slices for happy hour only $2.00. I love that cider is everywhere being a cider lover. On the pizza supposedly the table crushed red pepper is regular but it was quite hot. Nothing some parmesan cheese wouldn’t fix. What to do for the day now. Not sure.

Talking about plans for the rest of the week, a similar idea of watching The Lunchbox came up and so…  The 40 minute hike, since this is Seattle and everything is a hike, to the independent landmark Harvard exit in Capitol Hill. Awesome movie.


Day 5:

The end. Out for breakfast again at Homegrown and then finish packing for the trip to the airport and home. Avocado and cucumber sandwich with an herb cream cheese. Organic oatmeal and cappuccino. One thing I had trouble getting over in Seattle was even with the focus on being outdoors and healthy living the amount of smoking going on was crazy. Especially with all the hills everywhere every little bit of lung capacity would seem to be important to me.

The flight overall was uneventful and thankfully with a window seat I was able get some pictures of mountains on the way home. In hindsight the seat over the wing was probably not the best choice for getting better pictures.


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