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Watching the second goal by Brazil in this world cup match was horrible. The ref appears wrong but once again, the lack of honor in sports blazes . You take a dive and even though you know you were wrong you still accept the wrong call and allow it to go forward. If you weren’t sure and you could see on a screen that it was a mistake the ball could be kicked away. Even if that didn’t occur and a player or a coach that saw that it wasn’t a good could have said something. That’s true honor and sportsmanship. Not this BS that happened. American football and most major tennis events (not the French Open because of the clay) have review ability. Maybe it is time for soccer to join this group since some players and other staff can’t be trusted it seems. Tennis I understand because that tiny ball is moving very fast. American football I can see because inches matter sometimes. Maybe soccer can start with major offences like this PK or when the time will stop or even red cards. The quick stops are too fast to really challenge in a sport that doesn’t stop like American football. We are human. We make mistakes. But let the true play hold not the mistake by human choice.

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