screwed by Dell AGAIN!

Argh! Screwed over twice by dell now. First with my XPS 630i being crippled but dell not fessing up until it was too late and now screwed again on my X51 R2. Was told when I bought it and read in the manual (still in the manual by the way) that you can setup a RAID 0 (two hard drives acting as one for increase in speed) but now being told I can’t do it and it’s too late to return since it’s been four months. On support person #4 from software this time I was told that the hardware can handle it but Dell crippled the BIOS. Dell I hope you fix it in the next BIOS release. Fornow Dell has now lost my business and I don’t/won’t recommend then to anyone else again. I miss Compaq. I had great customer service with them. Hopefully I won’t have to upgrade anything for years to come. #dell

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