Mental Boom

That’s what it felt like at least.

I was driving. It was late. And it really was a dark and stormy night.
I was heading back from work and thinking glorious and wonderful thoughts about my bed.

At some point in the drive my thoughts were drifting, ideas were playing hockey with each other and others were undergoing fusion and fission. It was probably thoughts in the last category that became unstable and set off the chain reaction.

Before I knew it I had suffered a mental boom. My mind felt like it expanded. The universe with all its mysteries seemed more understandable. Whatever idea I was grappling with became clear in the understanding and for a brief time I had closure on a thought. I believe this is also called an epiphany but it felt more like an explosion in its action.

Perhaps we aren’t meant to understand the underpinnings of the universe or we should carry voice recorders that are voice activated for use in a moments notice. I wanted to preserve this thought but I also didn’t want to pullover that late and fumble for something to write with as my mind was rolling around with this new understanding. Hindsight says I should have pulled over.

As an ephemeral gift that was a possible life changing, world saving idea returned to the ether. My muse shaking her head at this lost opportunity of mine must think me a disappointment.

But what I won’t forget was that sensation that for those moments I felt more connected to the universe around me and that we might just have a chance to evolve before kill ourselves off.

May our future selves have more wisdom than we do today. Om bitches. Peace out.


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