The Art Of The Snooze

I am not a morning person.

I feel I may have been at some point in the past since I used to enjoy getting up early and going for a run when it was still chilly and dark outside. Your breath couldn’t be seen until the dawn light trickled over the horizon. I guess age catches up and I prefer a later morning wake up now.

I’m also not much of an alarm snooze user. I generally am wide awake so I just get up when I wake up or on those rare times I use an alarm, when it goes off. I’m not one to lay there either and try and go back to sleep. I’m lazy at times though and stay in bed to read, but I’m awake. A recent morning I used my alarm because I had an event to go to and I was forcibly reminded why I dislike alarms and why I hate snoozing.

It was set for bright and early 6:30a, still considered late for some people. One of the contributing factors to my dislike of the morning stems from my love affair with the late evening. Somewhere around 9:30p I catch another wind. It usually lasts until about 1a. Unfortunately in this case, it didn’t leave me much time to get my sleep so when the alarm went off I felt it to my core. The same core that promptly rejected the sound and hit the snooze button. Now, I know myself well enough by now. I had three alarms set up. My trusty timex clock that I’ve had since college and that seems to live on that one AA battery for years, my phone’s alarm and my echo’s alarm. The echo is easy to deal with, I just tell it to shut up. The phone will auto snooze if I don’t stop it. The clock though drones on and on. I wouldn’t be surprised if my neighbors could hear it go off as I live in a townhouse.

With the echo off I was down to two. The phone auto snoozed and the clock I ended up managing to slap the giant snooze button for one round before flipping the slider with my eyes closed to turn off the alarm. Now I was down to one. The damnable phone with its cover preventing a simple swipe or slap to stop it. I was forced to open at least one eye to turn off the sound but that pushed it into snooze mode again. With this extreme energy expenditure I laid back down trying to escape from the light pouring from the tops of the windows. But before sleep could be rekindled, the last of the alarms bleeped its way into my subconscious to pull me back into reality. Ugh. Time to get up.


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