Olive Branch Bistro

I was choosing between two places to try for lunch and there are some new places i haven’t tried. Fortune favored me and one was opening before the other. Easy peasy choice. Olive Branch Bistro it is.

obb-menu It used to be India Kitchen that recently (in my heart) closed. It’s different not seeing the Indian art and atmosphere inside.

A mother and son run it. At least I presume so since he said, “Mom.”

There was Frank Sinatra music playing in the background and seashells on the table. Not what I was expecting but it fit the theme.

obb-shellsThe table food started with some in-store baked bread with an olive oil/herbs dip on the side. Going through the menu I decided on a full course. For my appetizer I started with toasted ravioli with marinara. It tasted like mozzarella sticks except not as breaded and not as gooey, both things I appreciated. Yummy. I ate them too fast for a picture.

It was Wednesday and two dollars off gyros. I wanted the gyro anyway so win win. Chicken or lamb are the choices. Regular or sweet potato (extra) fries. Regular or spicy (flavorful) tzatziki. The pita was thick and there was lots of feta. I chose the chicken. I wasn’t sure if it would come out kabab style. It was more like a pulled chicken which worked out fine.

obb-gyroThe recommendation was to put the fries in the gyro for an authentic style, which i did and it gave the sandwich a new and I admit a better taste.

It was a little more salty than I would have liked but it could have been the feta or black olives. The chicken was moist and tasty to the last bite. I thought the pita thickness would be cumbersome but it was lite and tasty. I’m hoping it was made fresh. (I asked and it comes locally. The table bread and desserts are made in house.)

Even though I’m stuffed, I saw a loukoumades on the dessert menu. Even in Greece I don’t remember seeing that word. The son said it’s like a donut. People will come in for those and coffee. I have a friend, ‘A’, that might like that idea. I’m getting the one with chocolate and caramel. I hope my dessert pocket still has space.

obb-dessertLooking at them and smelling them, by god, I’m going to make space!

obb-dessert-inside I absolutely recommend taking them in small bites. They were slightly harder on the outside and doughier on the inside.  Very sweet. I’m undecided how i feel about them and as I’ve never had them before and i have nothing similar to compare them to.

Overall I’m happy with this meal and will try and drag whoever i can to keep it in business so i can try other things like the beef meatball sub. They also have specials on other days.


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