Seek not hate for the future but be in the now

People are angry.

They are grieving.

Some people are happy.

They are dancing in the street.

We fight for and cherish the ability to speak and not be persecuted.

We vote, both men AND women.

We can choose not to testify against ourselves.

We can do so many other things others cannot elsewhere on this planet.
We can do these things because we have a democracy. You may or may not like the outcome of the presidential race. But you should celebrate that it was our choice. It was our voice as a people. Only the future will be able to say what we were trying to say. But in the now you can say that we exercised our right to choose.
Feel the decision. What does it mean that it was so close or in another way, that we were so divided?
How many people use the word politician as a nice word? What does that say about our impression of politicians?
Focus on the now.
We might have bias and guesses on the future. People will shake their fists at the sky claiming to know that the country is falling apart.

Others, theirs hands together in thanks that a change is upon us.
Focus on the now.
Focus on how to heal the anger and the divide.
Claiming that you will move out of the country degrades that choice of freedom that was exercised. Some would say you should be forced out of the country for being unpatriotic but it’s your right to speak those thoughts.
Claims that the change is upon us is a signal that people are unhappy. Did Trump win or did Clinton lose? Stupid sounding question? Think about it.

If you want the change, now you have to fight for it. Prove that the America of the past is far better than what the other candidate had planned.
Fight dammit! Don’t be passive!
We are a people that lead ourselves. You must earn it and you must fight to preserve it. If you want change let your voice be heard. Let the stomping of your feet be felt. Be the wrench that causes others to take a second look.
Focus on the now to be the change for the future.

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