Apple WWDC 2017

Finally watched the Apple WWDC 2017 keynote. Lots of evolutionary changes. Nothing revolutionary. Expected updates to software and some hardware. Unfortunately I still probably won’t be able to turn off the effects in imessages that I can’t stand and just send messages. I don’t mind that they introduce new things but just let me turn off the things that are gimmicky and takeaway from my use of the devices. I do like that in the new safari, it is supposed to auto stop all those annoying videos that start playing without you wanting to. There was also no update to the mac mini which I imagine they might start phasing out. I am excited by the new AR they were showing off as I do believe that will be tech coming up. Once someone can get a very dense pixel count on regular glass lenses, AR will go mainstream.

I like that they continue to include features that I’ve had for YEARS from the jailbreaking community (sarcasm). Everyone else will now be able to access some of the files on their iPads now, but not as many as I can with iFile.  With the regular iOS, you still can’t send scheduled text messages. You still can’t select multiple icons at a time to move.You still can’t open defaultly into chrome nor Google maps. You still can’t make the system download larger files using your data instead of just Wi-Fi. You still can’t change the folder size nor the amount of icons each folder. You still can’t add extra icons to the dock. You still can’t… Well… Thankfully I can do those things.

The changes to watchOS were the most impressive to me, not including the new watch faces. I can finally ditch my Bluetooth heart rate monitor that I use on a treadmill at the same time as the Apple watch. Now if and when places that I work out at update/upgrade to the new watchOS compatible machines, they will share data back and forth for even more fine-tuning of workouts.

The HomePod speakers are just a combination of Sonus and Amazon echo, which actually you can already do.  Would it be nice to have in one device, sure, but I won’t be spending the money to redo my house for siri speakers since #1 that’s a lot of money, #2 I’d have to get things that are homekit compatible and #3 siri sucks. As rumors go, I’ve heard Sonos will be coming out with either better integration with Amazon or actually have it built into the speaker like the new Ecobee4. Apple is behind the curve on this release but as many point out, it’s an Apple product so they just might still sell like crazy and at a crazy price of $349.

I hope there will be behind the scenes updates to other devices like actual iPod itself (and mac mini). I like having a dedicated music player since my iPhone battery sure doesn’t last very long. I wish they had talked about introducing a strong glass cover like sapphire or gorilla glass, so if you do drop the phone, you probably won’t scratch it and end up with horrible spider cracks.


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