Life, living, being alive

We go through in this perceived linear fashion.

Moment to moment.

Step by step.

Event to event.

Later. I’m getting around to it. Maybe tomorrow.

Taking things for granted is a common practice.

Why? Probably because we think we have the time. We have a notion of immortality even with death around us. We want to preserve our lives and live as long and as healthy as we can.

I’ve put on weight and even after knowing someone getting sick because of their weight issues I made an initial start and then slowed down from there. “I’m getting around to it.” And then something happens again and I start making the attempt once more.

There are moments in life when we struggle to keep up with time. The rush rush pace when we don’t have enough. Todo lists and schedules. Appointments that must be kept. Things that must be done on time.

And like now we face moments when time… seems……. to……… slow…………… down……………… and stop.

A rare place of peace if one chooses to embrace it. It’s almost tangible and I can almost taste it. It’s taken on this quality where I feel powerful and centered. Perhaps it’s a quantum effect and I really am in the moment and all forces are as they were at the beginning. Things are happening around me so I’m presuming that I can’t choose to go backward in time…. nope, superpowers not there.

I suppose I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where the next moment takes me.


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