A Good Knife

I’m not Oprah to give stuff away but I can still give my opinion for free:

Every so often these days someone is actually over at my place and on this rare occasion I was cutting up some sourdough bread into thin slices to toast on the stove. This person asked about the knife I was using as it didn’t look like a standard bread knife. Considering how often I use it, I thought I’d share it for anyone that is interested in upgrading their knives. And this would be the #1 choice I would recommend for general use.


For the most part, this is the ONLY knife I use on a regular basis. No joking. It is sharp enough to cut up a tomato without squishing all the juices out. It also can spread the mayo or whatever. It cuts soft bread without compressing it down and cuts through the harder shell if it’s more crunchy. It’s sharp so you can cut thin slices. It will also cut your finger if the knife slips. And you may not even realize it until you see the blood since it’s sharp.

I put the link from the company itself. Ignore that price and find it cheaper elsewhere. It’s still not inexpensive but if you’ve never used a good knife, you get spoiled once you start to, like appreciating the care that goes into a long extract coffee (making cold brew) and the, in my opinion superior, taste difference from the burnt acidic flavor in hot brewed coffee. There is one level higher of the knife in their premier range which I think is slightly superior but not enough to justify the cost difference unless you like how gorgeous it is as a tool. There are two levels below but they use a difference steel or a different type of handle.

If i’ve ever come over to your place and cooked and brought my own knives…. umm… *SQUIRREL*

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