A Christmas Hijacking

All day I got to hear Merry Christmas. Top three topics are gifts and family and food. I do find this interesting. Not once did I hear or see anything about Christ. I’m not a believer myself but for some reason today I feel ticked off that the day got hijacked. I still wonder how I should and want to respond.

Happy Holidays? I don’t celebrate any holidays here either really.

Happy winter? It’s not winter everywhere. Plus, it’s cold. I’m not happy for the cold except for wearing sweaters and coats. Also for the winter sports yes, but overall not into the weather.

Season’s greetings is the same. What season? We’re talking about the holiday and/or the weather.

Now I know I’m coming off as a Scrooge. So be it. I guess it ticks me off a little to hear people preach one thing and practice another and get upset when you call them out on it.

This is supposed to His day and all. I’m happy to say that one of the nurses and her family showed a wonderful giving nature this season to a family in need. Not to detract from them but why do we tend to wait until this time of year to do so. Don’t people have needs throughout the year?

I buy my own gifts. That’s my choice. I also buy things for other people throughout the year. Not everyone. Not even a select choice. If I’m in the store or online and I see something that someone would like, it’s much easier for me to get it and give it then instead of waiting for a time of year that I don’t celebrate. I’ve been told that I need to be more responsive and open to the beliefs of others and respect those days. I get it. I would if I actually thought they were celebrating Christ and not buying presents as a status symbol or because someone said they wanted something. And then I probably wouldn’t be getting them anything except maybe a letter about the money that I donated on their behalf. I’m sure that would piss off some people because they didn’t get something tangible. Screw the christmas spirit for some if it interferes with capitalism. Leading up to today I’ve heard from many people talking about how their family or friends wanted X, Y or Z item. Sometimes X, Y AND Z. Really? Fine if you want to celebrate that kind of holiday power to you. It’s great to get together with friends and family to be together, but it does bother me that people use this time of year to show one another that they care through material gifts that are EXPECTED. Isn’t that a reason why we have gift receipts?

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel-

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