That got your attention didn’t it?

Merriam Webster definition of SUICIDE
1a: the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind
1b: ruin of one’s own interests
1c: apoptosis
2: one that commits or attempts suicide
First Known Use: 1643

Time will tell if this is a short piece or a long piece.

Today I had a failure. A monstrously huge failure of epic proportions. I broke down and had a soda today. Not just any soda but regular high fructose corn syrup soda. For those interested it was half/half dr. pepper and pepsi. I’ve been very good for at least a month, probably longer, about having nothing more than a sip or two of soda once a week. But today it was 14oz of soda with lunch AND banana pudding. When thinking about my poor choices I continued to make worse ones later choosing a cookie and brownie when the opportunity arose. I haven’t actually had the cookie or brownie, yet. Then of course I see a child with a very large soda and eating cheetos, a very common sighting in albuquerque.

So the question arose… could this be considered a form of suicide. I meet 1a and 1b at the same time. Supposedly I’m ‘of years’ and ‘of sound mind’. I’m also voluntarily choosing this food/drink and putting it into my mouth, chewing and swallowing. I’m also ruining my own interests by harming my body. This is just the physical side of things. Could the self put down/self-depreciation be a mental form of suicide? While the taking of my own life isn’t immediate, being of less sound mind and body will decrease my life expectancy by ‘x’ amount of time. Or if not by time than the morbidity will decrease the quality of my life.

I guess this is a short piece as there are ideas to ponder.

You’re truly,

Santa’s Fallen Angel

4 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. I have one word for you MODERATION EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, Answer to your question is a huge NO. Ok that was more than one word…

  2. Dear writer of this blog: PLEASE do not be so hard on my friend Nirav. He is a great guy in so many ways. Lighten up on him a little, OK?

    • Dear Catherine.

      I spoke with Nirav about this issue. He states that he is a self-motivator and finds that he is best when he pushes himself. Likewise, it’s hard to make him feel bad or down since he does quite a remarkable job doing that to himself when he feels it is necessary. Santa’s Fallen Angel understands this. There was that year I was subcontracted to deliver presents for Big Red and just couldn’t get it done. I didn’t mean to get so distracted with all the shiny things everywhere. The fall from grace started that day. I’ll speak with Nirav about trying to lighten up but I think Carla could attest that it might be a losing battle. She’s seen him playing sports and the self competition there isn’t always pretty. Nirav really is the best at beating himself up.

      Your’s Truly,

      Santa’s Fallen Angel

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