Honor in sports

Watching the Olympic games can be just as disheartening as playing sports. When I started playing tennis a few years ago I was told that if I KNOW I was out on a serve or hit and the other player doesn’t call it that I should take the point and keep going. I’ve been watching various olympic games and recently the men’s final sand volleyball. Twice the same player made obvious mistakes that the ref didn’t catch even though the other team protested. The question would be if the offender knew he had messed up. The first time he touched the ball twice for a total of four hits from the team. The second time his hand hit the net on the way down. I think I would know that I hit the net. I still think that you should call it on yourself and be honest. It shouldn’t be part of the sport to take accept the mistake and move on. Honor is no longer what it used to be. Yes the refs are human and mistakes are made but to paraphrase something, Honor is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.


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