P vs. V


my not politically correct answer to


you all have such incredible powers. as far as i know (and i could be wrong since i’m not in control), my penis is more of a parasite that has mind control abilities. it’s not cool mind control since it only affects the mind of the person it is in (double entendre). it acts/reacts when it wants and it makes us primarily do stupid things to, i believe, garner some of the V’s (capital V) über powers. here is my answer to the top 10.  #10 something about a beaver but now it’s a rabbit? I misunderstood that one; #9. so why am i buying the flowers again? think of the help you could do bringing back the bee population; #8 i want to see Hogwarts. no fair.; #7 you made frodo and sam suffer the entire trip when you could have just ended the war. very selfish i say; #6 actually i like them too. thank you; #5 this one wasn’t a secret except i thought it was a longer range than 100 foot radius. with all the women around i think it’s gone from temporary stupidity to chronic; #4/3 yeah, probably not want to drink or eat but it would be a cool party or stage trick and would be helpful in disaster relief situations; #2 maybe some of those times you ask if we’ve been listening it’s because you didn’t realize you went invisible. something to keep a watch over if you can; #1 i guess there are a lot of women who were secretly wanting the sex if they got pregnant. (satire)

this is supposed to be funny by the way.

That’s why I’m,

Santa’s Fallen Angel


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