Tried two food chains this month based on recommendations. I’ve only been once so far to each place and as a general rule, unless the food was vomit inspiring, I’ll give a place a second chance.

The first was a Chick-fil-A in Austin. Got a basic spicy chicken breast. It was ok. Nothing special and not something I would recommend. We’ll see how round two goes.

The second was Firehouse Subs. The last time I went was years ago and I honestly couldn’t remember if I liked it or not so I had to do a first time/repeat. That time for a repeat was tonight. I got a steak and cheese. The first few bites were good but the more I got into the sub the less I enjoyed it. This was a 12″ sub. Maybe I should have stuck with the basic 8″. The place reminded me of Yeller Sub but not as good.

This is probably why I’ve been staying away from chains and trying to eat healthier. At least I didn’t add any extra weight during thanksgiving. Now the gauntlet of the winter holidays is coming up.

Santa’s Fallen Angel

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