a joyful thing now come to light

Many people at work know of my missing medical bag. Where it went, who knows. It was in a bright orange ditty sack that I would bring to work and sometimes leave at work but usually take home. Wherever it is, I hope whoever is using it gets good use out of the belongings inside. As I’ve been having alternating anger and deep thoughts of stupidity on where the bag went, I was realizing that of the many items in the bag, there was one in particular (that is now replaced) that I missed the most. You’re probably wondering what it was. It wasn’t the adult or infant stethoscopes although I want to replace my current pediatric one with another infant one and I have another adult one. It wasn’t the ipod either although the loss of my music at work makes me sadder. Other things that were in that bag: work id, two of those small apple wall usb chargers :(, leatherman, watch, led flashlight, fold out ACLS/PALS cards, lithium-ion otoscope and ophthalmoscopes, (how much stuff was in there?), the sack itself as it was relatively brand new. I’m sure I’m missing other things but to get to the point…

The most missed item… my pen. I used a Dr. Grip Gel ink pen with ultra fine ink. That’s 0.38mm baby! Very smooth. Very clear.. as clear as my writing is at least. I tried using regular ball point pens but blah! First they seem to run out of ink quickly. The thin barrel is difficult to hold. They seem to scratch the paper instead of smoothly gliding over the page. Do you sense my love here? As a backup I have a Dr. Grip center of gravity with some refills that I’m moving over to for the time being while I reevaluate my pen love. I’m considering going back to my fountain pens, both of which I also very much adore writing with. I’m reserving my backup ultra fine pen to my moleskin journal. It needs it more than my work does.

p.s. (although not after all the writing) I will be slowly repurchasing many of the lost items and hope to not have it happen a second time. some of the items have already been repurchased with others to come. littmann even makes a rainbow-colored bell now. crazy!!

Well, more random thoughts to pass some time away with while I contemplate writing more about the upcoming holidays.

Santa’s Fallen Angel

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