half way through a weekend of work and a night of seemingly endless calls, i lay in bed feeling worked over by a two-bit thug plying his trade.

finally at rest. eyes closing. ready to sleep.

like a bolt of lightning that stayed i am shocked. as if the sun is in my room. the light, bright, so bright. no protection even covering my eyes with the light penetrating my traitorous hand.

a deep and dangerous snarl escapes my throat. i want to tear out the throat of the one who put this in motion. unfortunately i did this to myself. i lay there cursing the world.

i toss and turn trying to find solace from this onslaught. my eyes and brain adjusting to this notification that work must continue, i resign myself to this notion and prepare my body to move forward.

click! and my world is plunged back into the deep dark abyss as the light turns off.

tension leaves my mind and body as the stimulus is withdrawn, but residing still the knowledge that i must move forward to face whatever challenges this day has to offer until i can embrace again the dark cool of the night, the comfort of the bed underneath me and the gentle caress of a light sheet.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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