if you ever wondered…

on a day to day basis we all have random thoughts and ideas, notions that just cross ones mind. i hope to help you answer one of those and ease your troubled mind.

so for anyone that has ever wondered what a piece of cinder block being kicked up by the back wheel of a truck and striking your leg while you are going about 70 miles an hour on a motorcycle feels like, i now have first hand experience.

it f****** hurts.

really. it’s quite unpleasant i assure you. i can say i never want to repeat this scenario again. i can’t remember every aspect of what transpired. i remember seeing the truck swerve a little to the side, in retrospect purposefully i presume, and then a piece of cinder block was rocketing toward me at a low height. what i can’t answer or begin to understand is why i didn’t lose control (an unknown well of fortitude?) or the luck in the block not hitting my motorcycle or what really crossed my mind right after, how did i not break or injure my leg.

the initial shock made me concerned that once i tried to put my leg down at the next stop whatever adrenaline was in my system wouldn’t be able to handle reality and i wouldn’t be able bear any weight. i was actually ok. thankfully i was wearing jeans, my leather jacket and a full face helmet.

+1 to good luck; unfriend to the truck that kicked it up to begin with

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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