looking within: is the cat alive or dead?

when meditating there is a certain level of introspection.

the idea of “you” trying to be objective with yourself.

can it be done?

you are the subject as well as the observer. can you be introspective without being changed? does it matter? is not part of the reason we look within to observe and possibly change or be changed? is this the case to observe AND to change if needed?

to look within there must be a willingness to be honest with oneself. if you can’t be honest or not willing to accept what you see, there still may be gain but not as much. one could argue that there is no gain but if you can at least recognize you don’t want to accept some things, there at least in my mind is hope that with time you might be willing to see yourself honestly and decide from there if you want to change anything.

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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