hoping for karma

without going into details i’ve realized that i accept that there are people who are or have been in my life that are just plain scum (sorry to any good scum out there) and might just deserve everything bad that happens to them not because of the way they told me (and my bleeding heart bought) how others cause them problems but because i finally realized that they do this to themselves and keep making the same mistakes over and over again including using drugs as a crutch to avoid dealing with reality and life. it’s an interesting feeling when pride and anger over their actions turns into pity and how pathetic they truly are. i truly hope the things that went missing when they were around were just missing and not taken but seeing this other side of them it’s hard to know and it makes me feel more pity toward them.

may i forget they exist

may others not encounter their deceit

may i be better in picking people to call friend

and while i would like to say that there is no more anger… may karma come and give them a good lesson

post update: from merriam webster:

pa·thet·ic adjective pə-ˈthe-tik

Definition of PATHETIC
1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity
2: marked by sorrow or melancholy : sad
3: pitifully inferior or inadequate <the restaurant’s patheticservice>
4: absurdlaughable <a pathetic costume>

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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