With all the superhero movies around it led to a discussion of “who is your favorite?”.

There aren’t many easy questions in life for me but this one, unless I’m given other evidence, is a slamdunk.

It has to be Earth’s very own Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern.

A Green Lantern anywhere in the galaxy has to be strong in mind. They have to be able to think about what they want to create with their minds, reacting quickly to whatever situation they might find themselves in.

In theory the ring would not stay with someone who does hold to the ideals of the corp but Sinestro is a prime example that once you’re chosen, maybe the ring just does what you say unless the guardians want it back or you die.

Abin Sure when he crashed let the ring choose the best one on earth. The ring came to Hal Jordan and chose Him. That’s where things are different from most other superheroes. Superman was born to it. Iron Man thought it up and made it. Wonder Woman fought her way to her magical items. And so on. Hal was chosen because of who he is inside. No sun absorbing genetics or money to make a suit.

One hero that is close is Captain Marvel. He was given his powers by Shazam to fight evil.

Happy Veteran’s Day

-Santa’s Fallen Angel

p.s. I found this website just for kicks.

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