Day by Day

We wake up at some point and do whatever we do after we wake up. (I don’t call it morning since it might not be for everyone.) Some people smash the shit out of their snooze button over and over again. A practice that makes no sense to me as I believe you should just get up when you you wake up or when you need to, barring of course illness or sleep deprivation. But I’m also one of those people, rare it seems, that once I’m awake I’m ready to go. I very rarely use an alarm let alone the snooze button to get me to a more awake state. I like to think I used the time actually sleeping to get my sleep.

Once out of bed perhaps it’s off to do the bathroom stuff. Brush, shower (if not done the previous night), other personal bathroom things and get ready if that is your inclination for whatever is coming up next.

Plus or minus eat and/or drink as your pattern dictates. A variety of caffeine for some is a daily absolute for some which is its own pattern. Make the bed or not, a daily ponderance and ‘not’ being the usual choice. How else can you make sure there are no snakes, spiders or ninjas under the covers? Exception would be a hot sexy female ninja. That would be a nice surprise as long as she wasn’t there to kill me.

The day moves forward. Weekday or weekend matters to some and not to others. I have friends that can be working any of the seven days. A weekend is something for others and a thing for calendars.

Lounge for the day (haha that was funny). Scramble to get the kids to school. Scramble for work. Scramble to get the kids from school. Scramble for each and everything.

We do our things for the day. At the end hopefully relax but probably scramble for another meal and get some cleaning done. Projects around the house and things to get ready for the next day. As we do our evening ritual before settling back to bed, a quick drop off means I was probably exhausted. Hopefully a good slow slip into a dream state with enough time as my body needs.

Day after day, night after night, ritual after ritual.

A rambling of thoughts to be sure. We make the time we need for ourselves. There is no other choice. We must be first at some point. If I’m not first, those in my life will probably end up last as I continue to struggle. Like the flight attendant says, when the air pressure drops and the oxygen masks fall, you need to put yours on first before helping someone else, otherwise you might all suffer.


-Santa’s Fallen Angel

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