WWDC 2015

Apple’s WWDC was probably more directly exciting for the developers, as it should be, than for me. I will benefit from the ‘improved’ apps that will come out. iOS9 will have have stability improvements. As well power use will be decreased and the overall size will be smaller than iOS8 which is good news for a device without a changeable battery nor can you add memory to. As an android/iOS/windows/OSX user, iOS 9 and El Capitan will be bringing ‘new’ features that I already have in android and windows such as being able to have two apps running side by side. Apple Notes will be more like Evernote and Apple Maps will be more like my Google Maps. I don’t use carplay, I don’t develop apps. I don’t have an iwatch (which requires an iphone) so those enhancements aren’t as important to me for now. Apple Music seems to be the biggest thing to come out of this. I’ll wait for it to come out before I decide if it’s worth getting excited over. I still hope to see new ipods and a new apple tv this week at some point.


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