The giving season

In many parts of our country the weather is getting harsher. Winds are picking up. Snow might be starting to fall. The evenings may be dipping into freezing temperatures.

With the holiday season in effect from Thanksgiving through Christmas, thoughts of gifts, family, friends, and the things we wish to give them are in full effect.

It’s also that time of year when unfortunately those who are less fortunate are also affected.

Every year I advocate responsible gifting and that when you give to others, you not only think about what they want but also what they will use. Also consider giving the gift to young ones of knowledge and growth, that helping others can be the rewarding. Perhaps they get to choose one of their gifts to keep and the others will be to donate.

At the least, while you are out shopping and you pass by those on the street seeking money or food, consider carrying around a box of food you can hand out: Granola bars, protein bars, bottles of water. I admit that I don’t like handing out money since I don’t know what it’s going to go towards. I can only hope that the food I distribute in these moments is needed and welcomed. We can’t fix every problem in the world, but sometimes in a single moment we can make a difference.


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