I just read that the physical kilogram that is stored in Paris will be replaced by an electrical current. It has already been used to measure the weight of the kilogram. But now around the world people will be able to measure their own kilogram weight, assuming they have this incredibly precise scale, to be able to know if their kilogram weight is accurate enough. While this is still not important on the basic consumer level, in the international world and scientific world, this is huge news. Instead of needing to measure a kilogram against the one in the Paris vault, the standard can be kept up-to-date faster. Those small differences that might effect scientific experiments can be recognized and corrected. The small changes that occur in the Paris kilogram will be negated once there is a new truer definition of what a kilogram will be. The idea basically is that an electrical current can be generated to balance out the weight based on its pull. Once that number is calculated it doesn’t matter where you are, you will be able to then calculate what a kilogram is with that electrical current.




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