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As I continue my very slow but very needed housecleaning, I reached out to an organization that I think is worth donating to, New Day, as I’ve not learned about any nefarious deeds they may have been involved with. They listed many things that they continue to use and need as well as sending me a PDF that is more extensive. If you have these things sitting around and are interested, please consider doing so. I’ll also include the link to the PDF. As we come into the holiday multi-month madness season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, the act of giving can be the greatest gift you ever receive.

Click to access DonationList_7-25-18.pdf


I’m so sorry this is getting to you so late. We appreciate you reaching out to us about donations. I’ve attached our donation list as well as an extra list with household items (below). As you’re cleaning, if you come across any of the items on these lists we will take them.

Here is a list of items our older youth can use:



Plates, bowls and silverware

Pot holders

Cleaning supplies

Bath mats

Shower curtains

Drain plugs

Toothbrush holders or hand soap dispensers


Lamps (reading, standing, clip-style, or table)

Shoe racks

Small bookshelves

Bedding for twin/full beds


Art supplies


We can also use clothing in all of our programs. We serve youth ages 11 – 22 so adult-sized clothing that teenagers might think are “hip” would work best for us, as well as socks and new underwear. The boys are easier to dress. They will wear jeans, button down shirts, t-shirts, and gym shorts. The girls are always harder to dress as they’re a bit pickier, but anything helps!

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Adrienne M. Carian

Donations Manager

A New Day Youth & Family Services

Ph: (505) 260-9912 Fx: (505) 260-9934


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