Happy Holidays!

Well, I think so at least.

I still wonder what holidays I should be happy about. Why are they merry? People run around and buy things and clog up the streets and get into accidents. They eat a lot and blame the season for their weight gain instead of self control, not that I’m that good eating the cookies and snacks I see around me. I wonder what christmas is like playing beach volleyball in non-cold or snowy places.

I hear people talk about not wanting to celebrate christmas because they aren’t christian/religious, not that most people that celebrate seem to be truly practicing anyway, and say they are celebrating the holiday season. Um… what holiday season is it with chanukah or christmas or (insert religious time). The only thing I’ve heard about this season that might actually be worth it in making sense is celebrating the solstice. That’s actually something more real to me. The sun is there, yup. Saw it myself. And now I’m blind.

I was reading on CNN about church goers that were upset when the priest said santa wasn’t real and all those kids heard it. Heaven help that people that choose to go to church actually hear about church things. I must admit myself that I can’t remember which book Saint Nick is (mistletoe, ‘Christmas’ trees, egg nog, etc) located in. Old or new testament…hmm…. Good thing I don’t believe. Makes it easier to poke fun.

Santa has almost been deified. I’m told people want to celebrate the gift giving of the holidays.

How about NOT buying new and possibly expensive things or replacements for things that are still working and using that money to actually buy important things like Food for people that don’t have dinner let alone worrying about the extra calories being put on during the holiday season. When you go out to dinner and the meal is huge, before you start even eating, cut out the part you don’t think you’ll finish and instead of taking it home, have it put in a togo container and give it to someone you see, if you’re in a place where there are homeless around.

Toys for kids are nifty and all but again, those minor things like warm clothes might be appreciated by others as well. Now, in general you spend your money as you please. It’s yours. I just call bullshit when it’s done in the ‘christmas spirit’. If christ was in a grave, he’d be rolling in it. I suppose actually you can roll easier in the above ground cave he was supposed to be in as a jew.

Stop using these months as excuses. It should be beneath you as a human. You eat crap because you shove it in your face. You buy or get things you probably don’t really need or want. You honor a fat man in a red suit and kids get to believe they will get something, probably even if they were bad, because it was the season for it. You need shoes and we have the money, sure, let’s get a pair of sturdy non-namebrand but quality shoes that fit and that you’ll grow out of in 6 months. You need something for your actual sport, fine, splurge on the quality.

If you want to play the game of christmas as a religious time, pull out that wristband of WWJD and actually think about it. He’d probably not but the stuff to begin with and anything he got, he’d give it away.

If you want to play the commercialism season, the stores are open for your creditcards. You can try and buy/rent all the love you want in your life. You can be the best friend your child needs, instead of the parent showing them a truer world that is fantastic on its own without needing to be dressed up.

Have a good day, whatever the day and have a merry bah humbug.


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