Choices occur at every moment. There are no good or bad choices. That notion is subject to the whims of hindsight. We all come to the precipice every moment. Jump or turn around. Fly or fall or seek another path. Fear can be a motivator or ‘demotivator.’ I still think of it as motivation, just in a different direction. The fear of not jumping should not be the decision point. It should be a part of the process though. Don’t deny the fear. It’s there for a reason. Emotions and base instincts got our ancestors through quite a lot. If we didn’t need them they would have probably been weeded out by now. Embrace those pieces that make us who we are. But we are man, not animal. Analyze and process these emotions and instincts. Why are they there and what do you choose to do about them. The animal trapped may give up or chew through its leg to escape. Man can choose those options but can also wait for them that done set the trap. Our ‘higher functions’ give us an opportunity to excel and redefine our choices. Turning around is just as valid a choice as jumping. And turning around need not be from cowardice. Two may take the same path. The coward is the one that let fear be the guiding reason. The other chose to walk knowing they may be afraid but still pushing on that path. Likewise the man who jumps off the precipice may be doing so with thought behind the action but also from fear of what’s behind. The precipice gives us a chance to elevate from animal. We get the chance to use those higher functions if we want. To learn about ourselves and expand our thinking. Each choice is a new crucible of its own to give us an opportunity to be broken down or changed into something new. I am not who I was that moment ago. I am reborn anew each moment of my life. You can be overwhelemed thinking about this ability to be new and improved or you might not be overwhelmed. The choice is yours.


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